Letters to our daughters – February 2014

A letter to my beautiful girl, not because I can’t say these things to you but because as time moves forward we forget the little things, the little details, your unique quirks and precious moments that we share that make and will make you, you.  So to you my gorgeous girl!

To My Sunshine,

As the seasons change, time passes, we change. The biggest change in your ever evolving world right now is nap time being replaced with quiet time… you of course adapted easily, I’m still getting use to it! About every 10 mins you come out of your room usually wearing something different or slowly adding to your accessories until it’s time for our hot chocolate by which time you have scarfs, necklaces, shoes, lipstick adorning you and no visible carpet left in your room. You are our walking contradiction… you love order and everything in its place yet your room is anything but organized or orderly.

I love our hot chocolate time, you proudly make it yourself while I get myself a much needed coffee, then we sit down together at your little table and talk. You are such a busy bee, as soon as you finish your hot chocolate you’re asking what can we do now, what work do you have for me? Sometimes you help me prepare dinner, sometimes we do some craft, sometimes you’ll help with the washing or cleaning, it doesn’t matter to you what we do, you do everything with joy. Looking upon you as you ever so carefully fold your sweaters and place them reverently into a pile while humming to yourself warms my heart to see you so content.

With a little help from daddy, you have worked out how to put on your tops which means you are now able to get yourself dressed! Although you never mention it and sometimes even deny it, you have been practicing in your room during quiet time (I know this because you often come out with your pants on inside out or back to front). With you new found knowledge and confidence I was so proud to observe you helping someone trying to do up their shoes in the playground.

My thoughtful girl, who hums you are my sunshine while contently working, wears odd socks on purpose, who gives me imaginary candy every night after lights out and gives the best super cuddles, I hope you continue to find joy in all that you do, for I know that I will always find joy in you.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
You make me happy when skies are grey,
You’ll never know dear how much I love you,
Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Much love,
Mummy xoxo


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Letters to our daughters – January 2014

Dear Andi,

Firstly Happy 4th Birthday big girl! (to which you would reply “thanks big mum”)

I’m still in shock that you’re 4 YEARS OLD already… feels like not so long ago that I was gazing in awe at you in the hospital after your reluctant entrance into the world and you initiating me into motherhood by pooping all over me, from that instant I loved you. Each and every day you grow and change and every day I undergo growth and change along with you. I never know what the day is going to bring, what funny things you’ll say or do, what questions you’ll ask… These are not “if’s” this is one constant… there will be something that you do to make me laugh and there will most certainly be a lot of questions!

Over the last year you have grown so independent, sometimes I forget that you can do something by yourself but you are always quick to remind me, usually accompanied by a disapproving look (a look I’m sure Nanna would be proud of). I love to watch you tackling a new task, your concentration, your sheer will, your stubbornness and then the pride exuding as you complete the task with a loud “I did it all by myself” while doing a little happy dance.

You have been so excited for your birthday all you asked for was a big girl crockery and cutlery set, rainbow birthday cake and to get your nails painted (something you have been wanting for over 6months). You were so apprehensive at the nail salon you went all quiet and serious watching every little move the technician was making… you picked a sparkly purple, and were very giddy by the end.We had a wonderful time celebrating at home with your favorite meal (mac and cheese) decorations, decorations and more decorations, and a cake with nearly a 50/50 split of cake to frosting (your favorite part)! I think the next day you told everyone you saw that you were big now because you were 4.

My beautiful girl who believes sticky tape fixes everything, fairies visit at night, poop is the funniest word in the world and who wants to be a superhero when she grows up, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Love you to the moon and back Monkey