Letters to our daughters – April 2014


Dearest Andi,

Yay! Spring is finally here! Our first spring in Dallas and your first real spring having spent your first 3 yrs in Hawaii. We have been spending a lot of time outside walking around the garden checking on our plants and what new wildflowers have popped up overnight, sometimes you’ll take my hand and lead me around…. I’ll cherish these fleeting moments. I love to see you notice the tiniest of flowers and changes happening around you. Sometimes we sit outside watching the clouds and see what shapes we can see as they drift sometimes slowly and sometimes swiftly across the sky but always moving and changing much like you.

I am so proud of you! This month you decided to try riding your bike down the driveway, you have been too afraid to even try for the last six months saying maybe when I turn 5 I’ll be big enough. I’m not sure what happened in your mind that made you decide that you could do it but you should remember to listen to that voice…. you are braver than you know, smarter than you think and there are no limits to what you can do! Your serious little face as you rolled down the hill putting on the brakes every yard was such a big moment for you and then as you neared the gate you couldn’t keep the smile off your face, you were so very proud and promptly returned to the top of the drive to practice again.

We have made a few trips to our favorite shop lately…. Hobby Lobby! You have a love of buttons… we bought a packet of 100 buttons and within an hour you had used them all to create a  wonderful piece of button art. Crafts are big in the house at the moment.

This month you got to watch the movie Frozen… We have had lots pretending to be queen and princesses and even Sven the reindeer! I bought the soundtrack for you and Tate and should have seen your face when I put it on in the car your little jaw dropped in excitement, I think it was the first time I’ve ever seen you speechless! I love to watch you playing prince and princesses with Tate, you guys have been getting dressed up in capes and crowns and dancing around… so cute! I hope you two continue to grow closer and closer.

To my little princess who eats tomato paste from the can like it’s cake batter, is afraid of bugs, who plants strawberries for the squirrels, I love you to the moon and back xoxoxo.

Mummy xoxo









IMG_8605_edited-1 IMG_8629_edited-1   IMG_8679_edited-1

Please continue on to see the wonderful work of Sneha of Pretty in Pic Photography http://prettyinpicphotography.com/letters-daughter-april/





8 thoughts on “Letters to our daughters – April 2014

  1. I’m so happy you were able to capture what was clearly a scary moment for her and forever remind her that she can do what she puts her mind to… love it. And the photos are beautiful… so hard to pick a favorite!

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