Letters to our daughters – May 2014


Dearest Andi,

Wow May already… this year is passing by so quickly and as you like to remind me every morning you have grown overnight! You are past my waist in height already… I told you that by the time you were 10 you would probably be as tall as I am… you were very excited. You are in such a hurry to grow up! While part of me can’t wait to see where your life takes you, I sincerely hope you take your time to enjoy all that childhood has to offer… it is such a magical time. You have had trouble waking up in the mornings lately and on one occasion in response to my saying you needed to get up to go to school so you can become smarter you replied “I’m smart enough”… touche, however we will work on humility 😉

Last night was your spring recital, which you have been looking forward to for quite some time. You absolutely love being on stage and all that goes along with it (except maybe practicing the actual dance) the make-up, the costumes, the audience and of course the applause. Although you have danced on stage a few times now this is the first time you get to keep your costume and it’s a good one… you should have seen your dreamy face when you first put it on… you looked like a real ballerina.

It was a big day and I’m so proud of how you handled it all. We started with a dress rehearsal in the morning then managed to go home for a nap (which you eventually took despite really not wanting to) then back to the theater for the big show! We had so much gel (you like to call it gela) in your hair you said your hair might get super glued to your car seat. Daddy and Tatey got to sit in the audience and, as instructed by you, they gave you the best clap ever. They are and always will be, along with Mummy, your biggest supporters in all that you do in this wondrous life.

To my little ballerina who knows nearly all the words to the frozen soundtrack, who believes she has 4 freckles because she is 4, and who is going to have two babies (a boy and then a girl) when she grows up, I love  you to the moon and back (to which you would reply I love you to the sun and back… )

Lots of love Mummy xoxo


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