CM The Lovely Everyday

We started the week with a trip to Bishop Arts District for coffee and lunch with Uncle Jake and Auntie Chloe it turned out to be a bit more of a drive then first anticipated but I love the infrastructure here in Dallas…. nothing like it back home in Sydney.IMG_7881We blew some bubbles… at Mummy of courseIMG_7977We went out for dinner and Mr loves fire trucks so he always loves to look at this wall of memorabilia. (despite his snarl in this photo)IMG_8135We took the big kids and little ones to jumpstreet for some jumping funIMG_8271I took my daughter on a photo play date with other CM moms… She was more interested in drawing in the sand, throwing sand and jumping in the sand than posing, we also had to take the stick home. ❤ her.collage6My kids have decided it’s more fun to be on the other side of the camera. IMG_8715Saturday we went to the bank and lost one of our pencils in the carpark, so we discovered when we got home…. so back to the carpark to find the missing pencil… (iphone pic)IMG_0896Please continue on the circle and see what LaShawn’s week looked like



Seventy Days of Summer Day 50-56


We had a fun week with Uncle Jake and Aunty Chloe visiting we insisted on eating a lemon, did some scooting, went out for dinner and ice cream, went to jump street,  went on a photo playdate at the lake, took pictures of mummy and daddy, and went to swimming lessons! Untitled-2IMG_8019IMG_8142IMG_8190edIMG_8729IMG_8732

CM The Lovely Everyday

My littlest superhero although sometimes I think he prefers to play the villian…IMG_6963Our house has been undergoing some serious cleaning… my dd is always asking what work I have for her to do… she is clearly missing her Montessori work.IMG_7079We got some new Costumes that Nanna made… “Let the storm rage on!!!”IMG_7313 My hubby has been away for work so my little man likes to pretend to be Daddy doing work in his work officeIMG_7379We forgot to buy mac and cheese at the shop so we had to make it…. unfortunately I used the wrong colour cheese but it got eaten anyway.IMG_7402Playing more  dress-ups -The bad witchIMG_7621Showing Aunt Chloe around the garden to our fairy house.IMG_7877Please continue on the see what Michele’s Lovely Everyday looked like this week 🙂


Letters to our Daughters – July

Dearest Andi,

We have had lots of fun and been very busy over the summer so far… perhaps in hindsight I shouldn’t have arranged quite so many activities as you are now at the point where you just want to stay at home and play but between speech for Tate, music and swimming lessons for both you we are out for the morning most days. We also struggled with a tummy bug this month and I have to say I will apologize now for my lack of nursing skills. We have been very fortunate that you have never had any major illnesses and I can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart not being able to make it all better on the rare occasion that you have been ill.

You were very excited to be turning 4.5 this weekend… although I was beginning to regret actually telling you after you started putting in requests for what you would like for your present. We managed on a compromise in that you could do some jobs around the house to earn some money so you could buy the item you wanted for yourself. You are very excited every time you complete a task and I give you a $1… you always want to count how many you have now and how many more you need to reach your goal.

I am very proud of how well you have been playing with Tate over the summer… don’t get me wrong you still have your squabbles but there are days where you will play happily together with each other for a good length of time as long as Daddy and I stay away. You like to play with the Octonauts, super heros and you even have let Tate play with you in your room with your dollhouse and other treasures.  You love to collect all things and I see the need for rationalizing some of your collections soon however I am struggling with asking you to give up items whether they be rocks, party favors or drawings that you have done as you hold all these things so dear to you. I might also have to consider setting a better example…

You have been big on playing baddies and goodies lately as you navigate morality… I love being a fly on the wall during these games and watching as your body language and demeanor changes depending on the role you are playing. Your world is so very black and white… as you grow you will realize there are multiple shades of grey in this life.

To my strong and sweet girl who sleeps with her rock collection, starts all her sentences with “guess what”, twirls her hair and who believes she has two eyes so she can watch tv and the ipad at the same time, I love you to the moon and back. xoxo Mummy IMG_7709IMG_7762IMG_7643IMG_7746IMG_7728IMG_7817IMG_7705IMG_7656IMG_7712Please continue on the circle to read Jana O’Flaherty of Photography 2204  Letter to her beautiful daughter

CM The Lovely Everyday

This Sunday we visited the aquarium in grapevine as the Octonauts were going to be there, we had lots of fun and got to meet Kwazii, but the highlight was the toy octopod and toy figures we came home with… best $ ever spent…IMG_5985Potty training has been going well but Mr Magoo has turned the tables and is using it against us at bedtime!IMG_6201Waiting (im)patiently outside speech having a snackIMG_6233We spent the day at home, and finally played with something other than the octopod! We had a delightful tea party with Raggedy Ann and Andy.IMG_6370Movies (smoothies) have become quite popular in our house this summer…. Berry smoothie…. YUM!IMG_6535My little helper making quiche for dinnerIMG_6698Mr Magoo is very proud that he can now take off his own shoes… love the growing independence!IMG_6810Please continue the circle and see what Michele’s Lovely everyday looked like this week 🙂