CM The Lovely Everyday – Week 2

This week started off with our usual Sunday dinner… we made peach kuchen for dessert which was a hit with the adults not so much the kiddies although getting messy hands is always fun especially when you can eat the mess.IMG_4937The weather was a little cooler so we took advantage and had some fun playing outside under the oak trees in the yard.IMG_5039We had some tears over not being able to see our fairy friends who have apparently flown away 😦IMG_5228Followed by a tummy bug resulting in an increase of washing (also explains yesterdays meltdown)IMG_5252Then we found bugs that have been eating all our parsleyIMG_5372We were swimming in the pool while Hubby was grilling and looked and saw this amazing sky!IMG_5535Hubby’s Birthday Cake! This cake was described by my 4yr old as a cake- tastrophe… Luckily frosting and m&ms make everything look more appealing. IMG_5811   Please continue on to view Michele’s Lovely Everyday this week.


8 thoughts on “CM The Lovely Everyday – Week 2

  1. Awwww she looks so sweet even though she’s crying! And I really live the caterpillar shot! Did you use a macro lens?

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