Seventy Days of Summer – Day 36-42

Sunday we went to the aquarium and got to meet Kwazii from the octonauts, then spent a lot of time playing with the octopod that we brought  home, we made some necklaces, proved we could in fact talk underwater, played with spiderman, glo sticks and had lunch after swim lessons at the gym. IMG_5857IMG_6196IMG_6266000_0059IMG_6567IMG_6743IMG_6796


4 thoughts on “Seventy Days of Summer – Day 36-42

      • Haha! Well worth the money, I see!

        Bianca, your photography skills are blooming. I’m loving the style you are developing. 🙂

      • It’s a lot of fun but very hit and miss! Thanks so much Yazmin… I still feel a little lost in that I haven’t found my style yet but I’ve been doing some daily projects and experimenting lots with PP hopefully something will click for me in the not too distant future! lol

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