CM The Lovely Everyday

This Sunday we visited the aquarium in grapevine as the Octonauts were going to be there, we had lots of fun and got to meet Kwazii, but the highlight was the toy octopod and toy figures we came home with… best $ ever spent…IMG_5985Potty training has been going well but Mr Magoo has turned the tables and is using it against us at bedtime!IMG_6201Waiting (im)patiently outside speech having a snackIMG_6233We spent the day at home, and finally played with something other than the octopod! We had a delightful tea party with Raggedy Ann and Andy.IMG_6370Movies (smoothies) have become quite popular in our house this summer…. Berry smoothie…. YUM!IMG_6535My little helper making quiche for dinnerIMG_6698Mr Magoo is very proud that he can now take off his own shoes… love the growing independence!IMG_6810Please continue the circle and see what Michele’s Lovely everyday looked like this week 🙂



5 thoughts on “CM The Lovely Everyday

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