CM The Lovely Everyday

My littlest superhero although sometimes I think he prefers to play the villian…IMG_6963Our house has been undergoing some serious cleaning… my dd is always asking what work I have for her to do… she is clearly missing her Montessori work.IMG_7079We got some new Costumes that Nanna made… “Let the storm rage on!!!”IMG_7313 My hubby has been away for work so my little man likes to pretend to be Daddy doing work in his work officeIMG_7379We forgot to buy mac and cheese at the shop so we had to make it…. unfortunately I used the wrong colour cheese but it got eaten anyway.IMG_7402Playing more  dress-ups -The bad witchIMG_7621Showing Aunt Chloe around the garden to our fairy house.IMG_7877Please continue on the see what Michele’s Lovely Everyday looked like this week 🙂



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