CM The Lovely Everyday

We started the week with a trip to Bishop Arts District for coffee and lunch with Uncle Jake and Auntie Chloe it turned out to be a bit more of a drive then first anticipated but I love the infrastructure here in Dallas…. nothing like it back home in Sydney.IMG_7881We blew some bubbles… at Mummy of courseIMG_7977We went out for dinner and Mr loves fire trucks so he always loves to look at this wall of memorabilia. (despite his snarl in this photo)IMG_8135We took the big kids and little ones to jumpstreet for some jumping funIMG_8271I took my daughter on a photo play date with other CM moms… She was more interested in drawing in the sand, throwing sand and jumping in the sand than posing, we also had to take the stick home. ❤ her.collage6My kids have decided it’s more fun to be on the other side of the camera. IMG_8715Saturday we went to the bank and lost one of our pencils in the carpark, so we discovered when we got home…. so back to the carpark to find the missing pencil… (iphone pic)IMG_0896Please continue on the circle and see what LaShawn’s week looked like



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