CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday- With school starting tomorrow and my big girls first day of school we did a quick back to school photo shoot… there is always time for picking flowersIMG_0496Monday- First day of school my DD came home and drew a picture of her (centre) and her teachersIMG_0584Tuesday – Hubby and I always have coffee before the kids get up on the back patio which faces east… beautiful pastel sunrise!IMG_0943Wednesday – Little man enjoying having the sandpit to himselfIMG_0609 Thursday – Waiting at speechphoto (3)Friday – more drawings after schoolIMG_0620 Saturday- making the most of the pool before it starts to cool down… hoping we get a few swims in yet!000_0032Please continue the circle to see what LaShawn Wiltz’s week looked like


Letters to our Daughters – August 2014

IMG_7597Dearest Andi,

Well summer vacation is over, school starts tomorrow, I have mixed emotions about that. You are starting full days at preschool this year and I’ll miss spending my days with you however you are SO ready for the challenges of school. Daddy and I are so very proud of how hard you work (your teacher calls you a busy bee), you seem to have a talent with numbers (much like Daddy) and you are very excited to get to use the bead chains at school now that you’ll be an extended day child. You have been practicing your math and sounds over the summer and are now doing simple addition and subtraction in your head and know nearly all the sounds for the letters…  you can’t wait to learn more at school this year. While these things are important more important is the effort you put in, and even more important is to treat people with respect, kindness and empathy… school is a great place to practice these skills! Remember Monkey we will always be proud of you.

One of  your favorite things to say when you don’t agree with me is to say “Well when I’m a mummy, my kids…….” Apparently your kids get to chose what is for dinner every night, and what they do/don’t have to do…. I guess we may have to wait quite a few years to see how that works out for you :). I must say I think my life might be easier if I let you eat and do anything you wanted but hopefully one day you will understand.

You have been very big on dressing up and playing pretend lately, we had a week that was filled with “Alice in Wonderland” adventures (or as you like to call them “Andi in Wonderland”, followed by fairies, brides, doctors, Santa and of course Elsa. You have however taken to blaming the fairies for mischief and wrong doings… the fairies were blamed for painting on your legs and arms, drawing on your stool and dresser and they have a habit of turning on all the lights in the house. Cheeky fairies!

We are planning a trip to NY next month… your initial reaction was “No, I wanted to move to Sydney” Guess we haven’t had many vacations or flights to destinations other than Australia visiting family or moving… you were very relieved to hear that we weren’t moving there just going there because we haven’t been before. Daddy and I are really trying to make an effort to travel a bit more with you and Tate over the next year, there are some wonderful iconic places to see in the USA and we really need to make more of an effort to make the most of our time here. I hope that you will remember some of the places, people, and culture that you see, travelling is such a wonderful opportunity, I hope you grow to love it as much as Daddy and I.

To my hardworking girl who keeps her long term memory in her arm, who wants to be a teacher when she grows up, has some pretty impressive action moves and who loves jelly, I love you to the moon and back!

Love Mummy

First day of school mini-shoot… you came home and drew a picture of you and your teachers… so cute.


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CM The Lovely Everyday

I struggled to pick up my camera everyday this week but managed a photo from each… just! next week I’ll try to do better!

Sunday we went back to school shopping as well as looking for a big boy bed for Tate… so many choices and as usual we were unable to make a decision…IMG_0075Monday… Elsa giving Prince a check-upIMG_0246One of the kiddies favourites for dinnerIMG_0250Silly Mummy left the makeup within reach during nap timeIMG_0267Trying to get Mickey to hit the light… poor MickeyIMG_0301A puppet showIMG_0332Lunch at Macalisters after swim lessonsIMG_0349Please continue on to see what Michele’s week looked like


CM The Lovely Everyday


This week is our second last week of school holidays my daughter was big on playing dress-ups this week we started with Alice in Wonderland… she wanted to go sit under a tree and read a book (one without pictures)IMG_9404My little fairy I think this was our second or third costume for the dayIMG_9671Thought I would have a little photoshop fun with itIMG_8752Went to starbucks between speech and music class… my son was very taken with the structure of the ceiling and exposed ductwork and they were both impressed that 28  raspberries along with numerous other fruits fit into one little bottle.IMG_9704My son had an upset tummy and my daughter refused to take a bath with him so she enjoyed relaxing in the bath by herself and Mr enjoyed making prints and drawing on the shower screen door.IMG_9826Lots of drawingIMG_9877Today’s dress-up… a bride… I asked her who she was going to marry and she looked at me with big sad eyes and said “I don’t know, I haven’t met him yet”IMG_9989Daddy got home after being away for much of the week and brought with him some new trains much to the great delight of both kids… I believe he got a lot of impromptu “I love you’s”IMG_0047Please continue the circle and see what LaShawn’s week looked like

CM The Lovely Everyday

We had a pretty typical week aside from a few rainy days…

Poor sock monkey on his way to the hospital with an eye missing and a hole in his tail… IMG_8872Trying to ball up so we can sink in the pool rather unsuccessfully.000_0014Tuesdays are a busy day… my DD was having some quiet time in the office… she was really struggling to keep her eyes open.IMG_8951Rainy day means fun in the garage… this time painting! Apparently the fairies thought my daughter was a butterfly and painted her… so she claims!IMG_9153Trains, Trains and more trainsIMG_9261Playing hide and seekIMG_9287A trip to the grocery store… there was a bit of elbowing going onIMG_9388Please continue the circle to see what LaShawn’s Lovely Everyday looked like.

Seventy Days of Summer – Day 57-63

Only one week to go on my days of summer project then one week til school goes back! This week we played more dress-ups, swam, went to music class, blew some bubbles, played some “music”, painted our nails and did some grocery shopping. I’m beginning to work on putting all the photos into a book that hopefully I can get printed in the last week of holidays :).IMG_8816000_0033IMG_0911IMG_9010IMG_9259IMG_9341IMG_9390