CM The Lovely Everyday

We had a pretty typical week aside from a few rainy days…

Poor sock monkey on his way to the hospital with an eye missing and a hole in his tail… IMG_8872Trying to ball up so we can sink in the pool rather unsuccessfully.000_0014Tuesdays are a busy day… my DD was having some quiet time in the office… she was really struggling to keep her eyes open.IMG_8951Rainy day means fun in the garage… this time painting! Apparently the fairies thought my daughter was a butterfly and painted her… so she claims!IMG_9153Trains, Trains and more trainsIMG_9261Playing hide and seekIMG_9287A trip to the grocery store… there was a bit of elbowing going onIMG_9388Please continue the circle to see what LaShawn’s Lovely Everyday looked like.


One thought on “CM The Lovely Everyday

  1. My older daughter painted on herself a lot when she was little, and she still writes on herself with ink sometimes! It looks like you’re doing very well recording a little bit of each day.

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