CM The Lovely Everyday


This week is our second last week of school holidays my daughter was big on playing dress-ups this week we started with Alice in Wonderland… she wanted to go sit under a tree and read a book (one without pictures)IMG_9404My little fairy I think this was our second or third costume for the dayIMG_9671Thought I would have a little photoshop fun with itIMG_8752Went to starbucks between speech and music class… my son was very taken with the structure of the ceiling and exposed ductwork and they were both impressed that 28  raspberries along with numerous other fruits fit into one little bottle.IMG_9704My son had an upset tummy and my daughter refused to take a bath with him so she enjoyed relaxing in the bath by herself and Mr enjoyed making prints and drawing on the shower screen door.IMG_9826Lots of drawingIMG_9877Today’s dress-up… a bride… I asked her who she was going to marry and she looked at me with big sad eyes and said “I don’t know, I haven’t met him yet”IMG_9989Daddy got home after being away for much of the week and brought with him some new trains much to the great delight of both kids… I believe he got a lot of impromptu “I love you’s”IMG_0047Please continue the circle and see what LaShawn’s week looked like


3 thoughts on “CM The Lovely Everyday

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  2. What a great set! Those costumes are just beautiful! What great memories she will have of those. 🙂 And I love the pencil shaving details. 🙂

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