CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – Breakfast at The Snooty Pig… Andi decided to eat her jam by the spoonfulIMG_2303 Monday – Concentrating hard on putting Mr Potato Head back togetherIMG_2350Tuesday – Mr has not been a fan of the swing until today! IMG_2381With all the sticks in our yard at the moment Andi decided to build herself a campfire and roast marshmallows for everyone she even saved some for daddy for when he got home… if only they were realIMG_2412Wednesday – Much of my days seem to be spent building things for Tate to knock over… IMG_2483 Thursday – Chalk drawings on the concreteIMG_2537IMG_2557Friday – half day at school… means lunch date with two cuties IMG_1004Saturday – Painting in the garage, they were suppose to be painting paper and not themselves :/IMG_2589Continue the circle to see what LaShawn’s week looked like



CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – A girl and her stick…IMG_2005

Monday -Adding some sparkle to our drawingIMG_2039 Tuesday – We got a new leotard so of course had to put on a show… I love how she interprets the musicIMG_2100_edited-2 Wednesday – Fall weather is here which means more outside time Mr still hasn’t got the concept of which shoe on which footIMG_2127Thursday – finally got around to washing the car… Tatey helped by waiting in the car… IMG_2171Friday – Pizza nightIMG_2186Saturday – we decided to take the kids to a football game instead of movie night…. much more successful for Mr than Miss who was ready to go home after 20mins… IMG_2213

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CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – We re-purposed some old wipe boxes into “houses”… now I need to devise a plan to get rid of some of the old box “houses”IMG_1637

Monday – My little speedyIMG_1663

Tuesday – tears 😦IMG_1678

Wednesday – Andi found her reusable stickers and they have provided hours of after school entertainment this week.IMG_1717

Thursday – The kids always want to rearrange the armchairs, but they look so cute with their chairs pushed up together. IMG_1737

Friday – Lunch date with my little cutie!IMG_0979

Saturday – Birthday party treats…. cookies on a stick always a winner!IMG_1823

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Letters to our Daughters – September


Dearest Andi,

The last few days the temperature has dramatically dropped and as you said to me the other day summer is short… touche my big girl… time is passing so very quickly.

You are enjoying your first month back at school and coping pretty well considering the longer days, sometimes you aren’t very nice to Tate when you get home and other days he is your best friend, he loves and adores you so very much, I hope you adjust to the longer days soon. I’m not sure where you picked up the term but you were in the middle of one of your long stories at dinner and Tate looks at you and says “No talking” repeatedly Daddy and I really struggled not to burst into fits when you reply complete with arms flailing “You’re destroying my life” Not sure where you get your flair for the dramatic…

This month we took our trip to New York City, we managed to fit quite a bit in and Mummy and Daddy had to deviate from our “one thing a day” rule that we typically follow when vacationing. We rode the subway, ate ice creams in Central Park, meet some superheros in Times Square, had lunch at Grand Central, went to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building, saw the Statue of Liberty, walked to Little Italy for Breakfast and visited a couple of playgrounds. I think your favourite part, besides the random playgrounds was the Statue of Liberty which we saw from the water, I’m not quite sure why this was your favourite although perhaps it has to do with seeing it in superhero books, and you have quite a fascination with them at the moment and even want to dress-up as Captain America for Halloween. By the time we got home you were tired and very happy to have your own bed and room, having had to share with Tatey (who kept talking and getting out of bed) for the weekend. You got a snowglobe at the Empire State Building which got broken so we bought a new one at the airport, you even took it to school for show and tell and I was very relieved to see it come home in one piece. You still struggle with objects getting broken or wearing out, your latest is to throw the object in the trash but not just that object anything connected to it…. not sure what that’s all about.

We attended a birthday party complete with horse rides. You have had a few opportunities to ride but you have always turned down the chance. You were so funny at the party you were having a great time playing and then when it was time for you all to line up to go and see the stables and horses you found your way to my side and told me you were feeling nervous. I do forget sometimes how big and scary things must seem for someone at your age… you can be so brave and fearless and other times you need some reassurance. I will always be there to hold your hand anytime you need it.

You ventured from my side briefly during the stable tour but I’m not sure what happened I think one of the horses came close to the gate and your eyes grew big and you body shrunk and you were back beside me. Everyone then lined up and got their helmets on… you said that you didn’t want to ride… you were watching the older kids and thought that you were going to be doing what they were doing…. once you saw that someone would be leading the horse and only walking you looked up with a nervous smile and said “I think I do want to have a turn now” I’m so proud that you decided to try it… and you actually enjoyed it enough that you had a second turn!

My inquisitive girl who sleeps under the covers, loves to draw and can buckle her own seat belt, I love you to the moon and back. Mummy xoxoxo


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CM The Lovely Everyday

Our week started off in NY for the long weekend… I must say after our trip and the amount of photos I still have to process I have not wanted to add to the backlog but managed at least one photo a day.

Sunday – We spent Sunday in NY (I’m still in the process of editing them all!) This was taken on the highline.IMG_1439

Monday – Breakfast at the Fiat cafe before heading back to TX. Oh how I have missed a yummy cafe breakfast, I had eggs Florentine… so so good Mr Magoo was very taken with the cars everywhere… unfortunately there were none to play with thoughIMG_1481

Tuesday – Getting in some more pool timeIMG_1515

Wednesday – Spidey helping me cleanIMG_1528

Thursday – Ballerina dress-upsIMG_1579IMG_1578

Friday – Sunrise… this is literally the only photo I took all day.IMG_1607

Saturday – Last day of swimming lessons for the year so proud of my little fish.IMG_1616Please continue the circle to see what LaShawn’s week looked like-


CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – Hubby often takes the kids to IHOP for breakfast but this was my first time… Tate was pretty smitten when his meal came but looked a little puzzled as to what to eat first… he did a pretty good job on it though. We then went to the splash pad, always good fun for all.IMG_0637IMG_0723

Monday – Both the kids have been big on watching Octonauts over the summer and I must say they have learnt a lot about sea creatures this is Andi pretending to be a Hammerhead shark.000_0004

Tuesday – One of my favourite sights, the kids playing nicely together! IMG_0787Wednesday – I have been trying all summer to get an underwater photo of my little man but without any luck… Not an underwater but I did manage this one with my big camera… love the intensity of his stare, bubbles are serious business!IMG_0821Thursday – My big girl had a round night on Tuesday and was still trying to catch up on some sleep… the fingers and the hair twirling… life long habitsIMG_0850Friday – Waiting in the airport lounge for our flight to NY and discovered the air conditioning vent… highly amusing.IMG_0913Saturday – We had a busy day with trip to Central Park, Time Square and Grand Central… there will be lots more photos from our weekend in NY when I get a chance to go through them all!IMG_1150Please continue on to see what Michele’s week looked like