CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – Hubby often takes the kids to IHOP for breakfast but this was my first time… Tate was pretty smitten when his meal came but looked a little puzzled as to what to eat first… he did a pretty good job on it though. We then went to the splash pad, always good fun for all.IMG_0637IMG_0723

Monday – Both the kids have been big on watching Octonauts over the summer and I must say they have learnt a lot about sea creatures this is Andi pretending to be a Hammerhead shark.000_0004

Tuesday – One of my favourite sights, the kids playing nicely together! IMG_0787Wednesday – I have been trying all summer to get an underwater photo of my little man but without any luck… Not an underwater but I did manage this one with my big camera… love the intensity of his stare, bubbles are serious business!IMG_0821Thursday – My big girl had a round night on Tuesday and was still trying to catch up on some sleep… the fingers and the hair twirling… life long habitsIMG_0850Friday – Waiting in the airport lounge for our flight to NY and discovered the air conditioning vent… highly amusing.IMG_0913Saturday – We had a busy day with trip to Central Park, Time Square and Grand Central… there will be lots more photos from our weekend in NY when I get a chance to go through them all!IMG_1150Please continue on to see what Michele’s week looked like


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