CM The Lovely Everyday

Our week started off in NY for the long weekend… I must say after our trip and the amount of photos I still have to process I have not wanted to add to the backlog but managed at least one photo a day.

Sunday – We spent Sunday in NY (I’m still in the process of editing them all!) This was taken on the highline.IMG_1439

Monday – Breakfast at the Fiat cafe before heading back to TX. Oh how I have missed a yummy cafe breakfast, I had eggs Florentine… so so good Mr Magoo was very taken with the cars everywhere… unfortunately there were none to play with thoughIMG_1481

Tuesday – Getting in some more pool timeIMG_1515

Wednesday – Spidey helping me cleanIMG_1528

Thursday – Ballerina dress-upsIMG_1579IMG_1578

Friday – Sunrise… this is literally the only photo I took all day.IMG_1607

Saturday – Last day of swimming lessons for the year so proud of my little fish.IMG_1616Please continue the circle to see what LaShawn’s week looked like-



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