CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – Breakfast at The Snooty Pig… Andi decided to eat her jam by the spoonfulIMG_2303 Monday – Concentrating hard on putting Mr Potato Head back togetherIMG_2350Tuesday – Mr has not been a fan of the swing until today! IMG_2381With all the sticks in our yard at the moment Andi decided to build herself a campfire and roast marshmallows for everyone she even saved some for daddy for when he got home… if only they were realIMG_2412Wednesday – Much of my days seem to be spent building things for Tate to knock over… IMG_2483 Thursday – Chalk drawings on the concreteIMG_2537IMG_2557Friday – half day at school… means lunch date with two cuties IMG_1004Saturday – Painting in the garage, they were suppose to be painting paper and not themselves :/IMG_2589Continue the circle to see what LaShawn’s week looked like



7 thoughts on “CM The Lovely Everyday

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  3. Love the first picture. She seems to be quite the young lady. Looks like she is a ball of fun and there is never a dull moment!

    I know all about the hand painting. My daughter loves making painted handprints!

  4. I know all about those painted handprints. My daughter can’t get enough of those! Love the pictures. I have a boy and girl as well and there is surely never a dull moment around here!

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