CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – Took a fishing trip to Stone CreekIMG_3832

Monday – We went shopping and Missy picked out the biggest bow she could find! IMG_4171_edited-2

Tuesday – Spent the morning here (iphone pic)IMG_1146

Wednesday – We went shopping (again) and Tate picked out this ramp… unfortunately seeing as though the two of them couldn’t work out how to share it… it spent it’s first day in our house on the confiscated shelfIMG_4184

Thursday -She actually asked for her photo to be taken… probably because I was trying to get Tate’sIMG_4239

Friday -Playing the puterIMG_4296_edited-1

Saturday – Picnic Lunch on the front lawn enjoying the beautiful weather IMG_4307Please continue on to see what LaShawn got up to this week



CM The lovely Everyday

Sunday – We made it to the State FairIMG_3311

Monday – We got some new balls from the shop and the kiddos were having fun making them spin IMG_3421

Tuesday – all other toys are forgotten once the phone comes out IMG_3462

Wednesday – jumping off the bed fun IMG_3517

Thursday -Mr discovered a new hidy hole… the window sill in his roomIMG_3593

Friday – the bat that usually just ends up being used as a swordIMG_3625

Saturday – Why do boats float science experiementIMG_3752 Continue on and see what LaShawn’s week looked like


Letters to our daughters – October

Dearest Andi,

Wow October already… this year is really flying by!

You have been settling in to school and seem to be in the swing of it now. Your favourite work at the moment is the handwriting… you are getting very good at writing your own name (I can’t believe I don’t have a photo of this yet) and your favourite thing to do when you get home is to draw. You have taken to drawing objects around you in particular your clothes especially if I say that you’re growing out of something, you always want to draw a picture so you can remember things forever.

With the weather improving we have made an effort to get out and about a bit on the weekends, we decided to take you kiddies to a football game one weekend which was not a big hit with you… after 20mins you were asking to go home. You did like the fact that you were allowed to make as much noise as possible when the team scored a touchdown although the novelty wore off pretty quick. Maybe football will grow on you maybe not, I’ve never really gotten the whole football thing myself.

After much debate from Mummy and Daddy we decided to go to the state fair this year, it is nothing like the Annual shows that Daddy and I grew up with in terms of size but all the same fun is there, flashing lights, exhilarating rides and of course fairy floss (or as you call it cotton candy) You had lots of fun but the highlight was indeed the cotton candy! We lined up to ride the ferris wheel (which was much higher than I anticipated) while you were eating your cotton candy and as there was to be no food on the ride you did an amazing job of fitting that much sugar into you in such a short amount of time… there was no way any of it was going in the trash!

You started at a new ballet school this month and are loving it, you say you want to be a ballet teacher when you grow up amongst other things.

We thought that you might like to have a sleep over in Tate’s room last night… it didn’t go so well and you ended up back in your own bed after Tate refused to calm down and try to sleep. You’ve decided that maybe when Tate is 20 you’ll try again.

To my busy bee who wants to be a queen when she grows up, whose favourite story is Alice in wonderland and who keeps asking when we are going on vacation, I love you to the moon and back!

Mummy xoxox (mamee as you spell it)

IMG_2231 IMG_2260IMG_2291IMG_3311IMG_3286IMG_3228IMG_4023IMG_3869Please continue on the circle to see Stacy of Bella Grace Photography’s letter to her wonderful little girl


CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – The leaves are starting to turn in our yard and Andi has been learning the different shapes of leaves at school she promptly told me this is cordate shaped leave… IMG_2916Monday – Playing in puddlesIMG_2944Tuesday – An Iphone kinda day…. doing the grocery shopping… Mr wanted his own trolley to push we managed to make it out of the shop without knocking anything over so success!IMG_1022 Wednesday – Missy was super tired from school, I was preparing dinner and went to check on her…. I knew there was a reason she was being so quiet!IMG_2978Thursday – Mr didn’t want his photo taken so tried to smother it with a pillowIMG_3056 Friday – What sissy doesn’t know won’t hurt herIMG_3071Saturday – Another Iphone kinda day waiting for ballet class.IMG_1031Please continue on to see some wonderful photography from Mimi


CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – Took the kiddos out in the hope of getting at least one decent photo for Nanna’s Birthday…. They actually kinda cooperated for for a good 10 mins!mini2Monday- Mr has taken to laying in my bed!IMG_2767Tuesday – I am rarely brave enough to take photos of my kids in their beds for fear of waking them but on this day he did not want to wake up from nap and we had to get to school to pick up Big sis so grabbed my camera… love the bunnyIMG_2781 Wednesday – Tate’s new favourite toyIMG_2796Thursday – Thor found the lightIMG_2832 Friday – looking out from the shadowsIMG_2869 Saturday – Kids went to bed and I hadn’t taken a photo so thought i’d give the moon a goIMG_2896Please continue the circle to see some amazing photos from LaShawn