CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – The leaves are starting to turn in our yard and Andi has been learning the different shapes of leaves at school she promptly told me this is cordate shaped leave… IMG_2916Monday – Playing in puddlesIMG_2944Tuesday – An Iphone kinda day…. doing the grocery shopping… Mr wanted his own trolley to push we managed to make it out of the shop without knocking anything over so success!IMG_1022 Wednesday – Missy was super tired from school, I was preparing dinner and went to check on her…. I knew there was a reason she was being so quiet!IMG_2978Thursday – Mr didn’t want his photo taken so tried to smother it with a pillowIMG_3056 Friday – What sissy doesn’t know won’t hurt herIMG_3071Saturday – Another Iphone kinda day waiting for ballet class.IMG_1031Please continue on to see some wonderful photography from Mimi



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