CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – Took a fishing trip to Stone CreekIMG_3832

Monday – We went shopping and Missy picked out the biggest bow she could find! IMG_4171_edited-2

Tuesday – Spent the morning here (iphone pic)IMG_1146

Wednesday – We went shopping (again) and Tate picked out this ramp… unfortunately seeing as though the two of them couldn’t work out how to share it… it spent it’s first day in our house on the confiscated shelfIMG_4184

Thursday -She actually asked for her photo to be taken… probably because I was trying to get Tate’sIMG_4239

Friday -Playing the puterIMG_4296_edited-1

Saturday – Picnic Lunch on the front lawn enjoying the beautiful weather IMG_4307Please continue on to see what LaShawn got up to this week



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