CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – First snow for the seasonIMG_6003

Monday – Snowflake bokehIMG_6012

Tuesday – Kids got some new toy bugsIMG_6024

Wednesday – Mr spent most of his day wiping his nose ūüė¶IMG_6042

Thursday РMissy doing her drawings after school which seem to be a daily occurrence IMG_6115

Friday -Jumping over planesIMG_6142

Saturday – Elsa and Hans dancing at the ball before movie night… Frozen again!IMG_6215Continue on to see what LaShawn got up to this week¬†


CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – We went to a new playground, the plan was to go for a ride on our bikes and then play… poor Mr spent the ride in tears because he couldn’t keep up with Sissy… he got to spend lots of time on the playground instead.IMG_5346

Monday – Andi worked out how to ride her bike standing up to go up hillsIMG_5398Tuesday –¬†The cold hit and Andi was very excited to wear her new winter woolies.IMG_5412Wednesday – Got the fire going outsideIMG_1187

Thursday – Ninja’s took over the houseIMG_5595¬†Friday – Spidey IMG_5780Mr Magoo’s 3rd BirthdayIMG_5868

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Letters to our daughters – November

Dearest Andi,

You must be the only one in the family who is excited by the colder weather… maybe it’s because you get to wear all your winter clothes again or perhaps you’re just excited because you know that winter means Christmas and then your Birthday! (which you have been planning all year) either way your enthusiasm is contagious not to mention your sweet snuggles to keep me warm make winter seem a lot more bearable. I am a bit light on photos this month due to the colder weather and limited hours of light… guess mummy will have to work out my flash!

One of my favourite things about living in the US is the opportunity to celebrate Halloween, something that wasn’t done in Australia when I was a kid although it is gaining popularity there now. The idea of neighbourhoods all getting together and kids running around the streets in costumes, like I had seen in the movies, always looked like so much fun. Unfortunately at our house no one goes trick or treating down our street as the houses are too far apart, but we still had fun going to see our immediate neighbours and those a few streets over where the houses are closer together, we also stopped by a park for a few photos. You were Captain America, Tate was Thor, Daddy was Iron Man and I got to be Catwoman. We had some fun playing our parts and getting some photos but it all ended in tears with Thor getting a bit carried away and clubbing you on the head with his mighty hammer, you tried really hard to pull yourself together as you did not want to miss out on the trick or treating. You are very reluctant to cry when you hurt yourself these days… remember monkey it’s ok to cry!

Daddy and I were very excited to get to come to observe at school this month, you try to tell us what you do at school but unfortunately we don’t always know what exactly it is that you have been doing all day…. It’s nice to get a little insight! This year you get to do a lot more group work and we got to observe you working with a partner… there are definitely some interesting group dynamics going on in a 3-6yr old classroom not to mention negotiation skills being developed!

Today was Tate’s Birthday and I’m so very proud of how well you coped with it being Tate’s day… you are certainly growing up. You helped him open his presents and were genuinely excited for him not to mention proud of him. He adores you so very much.

To my superpowered girl who, wants mac and cheese for dinner every night, is going to start karate when she’s¬†a teenager and wants a power ranger and princess birthday party, I love you to the moon and back.

Love Mummy xoxoxo

IMG_4660 IMG_4700 IMG_4706IMG_4666IMG_4407IMG_5172IMG_5221IMG_5241IMG_5244Please continue on to see Yazmin of Yazmin Wickam Photography’s letter and gorgeous photos to her little girl.¬†



CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – All ready for a party complete with fluro orange skirt, bee socks and sparkly red shoesIMG_5274Monday – First Camilla of the year… last year we only got one before the first ice storm…¬†IMG_5275Tuesday – School photo day… hopefully they got something better than thisIMG_5282¬†Wednesday – Mr doing some readingIMG_5286Missy wanted to play housekeeper… I could get use to this gameIMG_5295Friday – Daddy getting a lessonIMG_5298Saturday – Mr likes to launch himself at meIMG_5311

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CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – In the spirit of getting out while the weather was good we went to the Fort Worth Airshow… it was a great day out although Mr was most disappointed that he couldn’t actually make the plane fly…¬†Untitled-1

Monday – Package arrived from Nanna and Poppy with some warm hug clothes and some new Octonauts… meet DashieIMG_4729

Tuesday – We made some Almond bark for HalloweenIMG_4768

Wednesday –¬†We went to pick a pumpkin or two out… ¬†We also had a go in the corn maze this year and managed to find our way out before (although not long) the kiddos were over it but still the highlight for them was the playground.IMG_4896_edited-1

Thursday – I was showing the kids a picture of Andi sitting on Tatey while he was crawling when he was younger… they decided to try and reenact the event… ¬†¬†IMG_5016

Friday – Halloween was lots of fun for our Avengers… and of course some tears thrown in too due to Thor getting too into his mighty hammerIMG_5221_edited-1

Saturday – Tatey was not ready for halloween to be over and spent the day as spiderman and Daddy as Iron manIMG_5268Continue on and see what LaShawn’s week looked like¬†