CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – In the spirit of getting out while the weather was good we went to the Fort Worth Airshow… it was a great day out although Mr was most disappointed that he couldn’t actually make the plane fly… Untitled-1

Monday – Package arrived from Nanna and Poppy with some warm hug clothes and some new Octonauts… meet DashieIMG_4729

Tuesday – We made some Almond bark for HalloweenIMG_4768

Wednesday – We went to pick a pumpkin or two out…  We also had a go in the corn maze this year and managed to find our way out before (although not long) the kiddos were over it but still the highlight for them was the playground.IMG_4896_edited-1

Thursday – I was showing the kids a picture of Andi sitting on Tatey while he was crawling when he was younger… they decided to try and reenact the event…   IMG_5016

Friday – Halloween was lots of fun for our Avengers… and of course some tears thrown in too due to Thor getting too into his mighty hammerIMG_5221_edited-1

Saturday – Tatey was not ready for halloween to be over and spent the day as spiderman and Daddy as Iron manIMG_5268Continue on and see what LaShawn’s week looked like




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