Letters to our Daughters – December


Dearest Andi Pandi,

Christmas is nearly here! You are very excited although at the moment you are sitting on the couch with daddy with your spew bowl… the flu has struck! I’m really hoping that you get over it in time for Christmas although there is a good chance that you won’t be 100% I hope it doesn’t dampen your memories. This Christmas is one that I was hoping would be magical for you now that you’re starting to understand the meaning of Christmas and embracing the Christmas spirit. We are spending the holidays at home this year, we were hoping for a white Christmas but it looks like that isn’t going to eventuate so we may have to do a trip to the snow machine in Grapevine if you’re feeling up to it. Your list to Santa was considerably longer than those of previous years, you make me laugh with your enthusiasm, it took you all of 3 mins to write your list, with some items that left me a little puzzled but I’m sure Santa will work it out!

Nick our elf has been busy sending you and Tatey notes with suggestions on activities and spreading the Holiday cheer… Every now and then I ask you if you have any messages for Nick to give to Santa… the only messages you have told him are misdemeanors that Tate may have committed that day.

You and I went to see the Nutcracker this year… this is our third year of the Nutcracker although last year you were in the production. I bought us box tickets and you weren’t very impressed when we got there but once the show started and you worked out where the stage was and you could see fine you were happy. You really enjoyed the first act and came home and put on your own version of the nutcracker II. I love to watch your dance and theatrics.

You have been asking me lots of math sums lately as a game… I love when you tell me good job when I answer even though you don’t know if I got it right or not! There was an instance where you asked me an easy one and told me I was wrong… 3+7 apparently does not equal 10, 5+5 equals ten… I then explained that there is more than one way to make 10 you counted on your fingers and then promptly put them in your mouth and sucked them. You really don’t like being wrong… don’t know where you get that from? If 10 is the destination then remember there are numerous ways to get there!

You have been dreaming of going ice skating for the last month or two partly I’m sure due to Frozen and partly due to watching some people ice skating in Houston. We took you and Tate for my birthday, luckily they had the walkers as Daddy and I aren’t the most proficient skaters having only ever done it ourselves once or twice. You were so excited and nervous… we stood by the entrance while you tried to will yourself to take that first step on the ice. You would lift your foot and go to put it on the ice then pull it back saying I can’t… we walked away a few times but you kept wanting to try again… on about the third go 9and 20 mins later) we made it onto the ice, you managed to hold it together for the first 10 metres then you had a panic attack and wanted to get off the ice unfortunately there wasn’t an exit until the other side of the rink, you cried how scared you were the whole way across the rink. We got to the exit and sat down while you took some deep breaths and calmed down a little. We watched Daddy and Tatey for a bit and I asked you if you wanted to walk back to our bags or if you wanted to try to finish our lap of the rink… to my surprise you chose to try to skate the rest of the lap…. So we got back on the ice and you started crying again but we made it the whole way. I was so very proud of you for trying even though you were so very afraid… we sat down while daddy and Tate finished up a lap and then you decided you wanted to try again… back onto the ice we go and again your fear got the better of you… we made it half way around and you decided that you didn’t want to finish the second lap. And that was our first experience ice skating…. I was very surprised and proud to hear that you told Daddy that you want to go again. You are so brave big girl! Remember Monkey, as Nelson Mandela said:

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

To my courageous girl who makes me smile every single day,  I hope you have the most magical Christmas!

Love you to the moon and back Monkey xoxoxox

IMG_7859 IMG_8034IMG_8030IMG_8042IMG_7903IMG_8018IMG_8025IMG_7893Continue on to read Yazmin of Yazmin Wickham Photography’s beautiful letter to her little girl http://yazminwickham.com/letters-daughter-december-2014/



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