Letters to our Daughters – February 2015


Dearest Andi,

Wow where did the last month go! Unfortunately we are back to winter weather this week and you’re not happy about it! You had been enjoying some outside time again, riding your bike, going to the playground, analyzing new shoots of grass and flowers in the garden with your magnifying glass, you were very excited to see signs of spring (I must say me too), you were not happy to hear that it was too cold to go out to play. However you have been busy drawing, painting, learning to sew and braid, making necklaces and of course putting on shows!

One of your proudest moments this month was when you decided you were ready to wear your bow and tie shoes to school, we got you some late last year and have been practicing on the bow and tie frame at school and finally felt confident enough to wear them to school. You were so very proud of yourself and rightfully so, you worked so hard over the last few months! I love that you had the persistence to keep trying even though you initially found it to be just too hard. I hope you always remember that feeling of accomplishment!

You started back at music classes this month, you’re learning to play the glockenspiel! I think one of your favourite things is the fact that you have a folder with worksheets in it and work to do at home. The first week after you got your materials you would get up in the wee hours of the morning to practice. I love your enthusiasm to learn, not so much the early mornings!

We had a visit from Uncle James this month, you loved having someone else to play with and promptly offered to give him a make over, including a pretty pink manicure upon his arrival. Even though our family live in many places so far away and we don’t often get to see them, know that they love spending time with you as much as you do with them.

You had a few firsts this month, bowling and a karate lesson. Last weekend we went bowling, you were very excited and had a great time until you  had a turn and didn’t knock down any pins, you folded your arms and went and sat down with your much rehearsed frowny face. You have been struggling with sportmanship lately, you say you don’t want to play winning / losing games…. which you had to face at a recent karate party you attended where there were “party games” I was however very impressed that you managed to keep it together even though I could see you struggling to hold back the tears when you “got out”. I’ll tell you this Monkey no one likes losing but in the grand scheme of things points on a score board are just that, as Maya Angelou said:

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and how you do it.”

To my gorgeous little girl, who can break a board with her hands, twirl endlessly and sings while she works, I love you to the moon and back.

Mummy xoxox



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One thought on “Letters to our Daughters – February 2015

  1. Ah! Sportsmanship is such a hard lesson… we always have to be first around here. Love the letter btw. Can’t believe I’m just getting around to reading it now…

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