4 on 4 – March

This month I’m joining a wonderful group of photographers from Clickin Moms in blog circle in which we choose 4 of our favourite photos from the previous month to be posted on the 4th! Continue around the circle to see some wonderful pictures by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. So hard to pick only 4 images but here they are 🙂

Being Australian where valentines day isn’t hugely celebrated amongst children, I’m still adjusting to life in Dallas tx where my kids come home with valentines from most of their class. Missy was very excited to make chocolates for everyone this year!



After nearly 6 years in the US…. Our first trip to Disney World

Mr’s standard smile face… he was pretty excited to see the castle on the start of all those movies
Who doesn’t love a go on the carousel 

Please continue around the circle starting with Chrissy of Chrissy Mazer Photography!

2 thoughts on “4 on 4 – March

  1. We’ve been thinking of going to Disney… actually, we were going to do it for spring break, but decided to delay it. Seeing your pictures make me wish we were going!

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