Letters to our Daughters – February 2015


Dearest Andi,

Wow where did the last month go! Unfortunately we are back to winter weather this week and you’re not happy about it! You had been enjoying some outside time again, riding your bike, going to the playground, analyzing new shoots of grass and flowers in the garden with your magnifying glass, you were very excited to see signs of spring (I must say me too), you were not happy to hear that it was too cold to go out to play. However you have been busy drawing, painting, learning to sew and braid, making necklaces and of course putting on shows!

One of your proudest moments this month was when you decided you were ready to wear your bow and tie shoes to school, we got you some late last year and have been practicing on the bow and tie frame at school and finally felt confident enough to wear them to school. You were so very proud of yourself and rightfully so, you worked so hard over the last few months! I love that you had the persistence to keep trying even though you initially found it to be just too hard. I hope you always remember that feeling of accomplishment!

You started back at music classes this month, you’re learning to play the glockenspiel! I think one of your favourite things is the fact that you have a folder with worksheets in it and work to do at home. The first week after you got your materials you would get up in the wee hours of the morning to practice. I love your enthusiasm to learn, not so much the early mornings!

We had a visit from Uncle James this month, you loved having someone else to play with and promptly offered to give him a make over, including a pretty pink manicure upon his arrival. Even though our family live in many places so far away and we don’t often get to see them, know that they love spending time with you as much as you do with them.

You had a few firsts this month, bowling and a karate lesson. Last weekend we went bowling, you were very excited and had a great time until you  had a turn and didn’t knock down any pins, you folded your arms and went and sat down with your much rehearsed frowny face. You have been struggling with sportmanship lately, you say you don’t want to play winning / losing games…. which you had to face at a recent karate party you attended where there were “party games” I was however very impressed that you managed to keep it together even though I could see you struggling to hold back the tears when you “got out”. I’ll tell you this Monkey no one likes losing but in the grand scheme of things points on a score board are just that, as Maya Angelou said:

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and how you do it.”

To my gorgeous little girl, who can break a board with her hands, twirl endlessly and sings while she works, I love you to the moon and back.

Mummy xoxox



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Letters to our daughters – January 2015

Dear Andi,

Happy New Year and Happy 5th Birthday big kid!

It has been a busy month with Christmas, New years, a new cousin, your uncles engagement and your birthday… a month of celebrations!

We had a wonderful Christmas, you seemed to recover from your flu just in time! We didn’t get our white Christmas but we still got to enjoy a hot meal without feeling strange for baking in the middle of summer as we do back in Australia.

You have been excited for your birthday for what feels like a whole year! This year we had a party with some of your friends from school at the bounce house. You wanted a princess party which is a bit tricky with half your friends being boys but I think we managed it. As per usual I made you a hideously oversized and elaborate cake, this year your request was for a Fairy, Princess, Cinderella cake…. so we googled some cakes and it seemed as though you were mostly interested in the turrets on the castle cakes, so I made you a castle cake. The hours that went into the cake were worth it when you came said thank you and gave me a hug while I was making decorations and of course your smile when you saw it (even though I’m pretty sure you snuck a peek before your party).

Unlike your 3rd birthday party where you demanded everyone sing to you and made your own thank you speech, you turned all shy while everyone sang to you but the smile on your face was one of absolute joy. This year you had a 3 day birthday starting with your party on Sunday, then your actual birthday on Monday followed by your class birthday celebration on Tuesday… here’s hoping you don’t get too attached to the idea of a multiple day birthday.

I can’t believe you are 5!!! You are certainly turning into a big kid… You like to spout my words back at me which is hard for me to argue with. Like tonight at dinner you were having a steak and potato pie, and I was having a chicken pie you asked why I wasn’t eating the same and I said that I don’t like steak (really don’t know if you’re ready for my actual reason I don’t eat red meat) and you told me that I should try it again because sometimes we change our mind.

You were very excited about the news of your new baby cousin Erin, you can’t wait to meet her in March and are already planning what baby things of yours that you are going to give her, so sweet. You and Tate have been big on playing babies and I fear that all the attention may be a bit much for Erin when you get to meet her. I love that you are so very excited to meet your newest family member though 🙂

As always you are very into your drawing and painting, upon finding out any news you want to do a drawing or painting to commerate, you did a very bright rainbow painting for Uncle Jake and Aunty Chloes wedding, and one for Baby Erin too.

We had some sad news this month, Daddy’s Grandma passed away. You had met her a few times but probably not that you remember. We told you that Daddy might be a bit sad because she died and you said straight away that you would make him a drawing so that he would always remember her. You are so thoughtful some times.

To my 5yr (and 7 day old) girl, who loves her little lego, who’s favourite game to play is Cinderella and wants to be a queen when she grows up,

I love you to the moon and back

Mummy xoxox


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Letters to our Daughters – December


Dearest Andi Pandi,

Christmas is nearly here! You are very excited although at the moment you are sitting on the couch with daddy with your spew bowl… the flu has struck! I’m really hoping that you get over it in time for Christmas although there is a good chance that you won’t be 100% I hope it doesn’t dampen your memories. This Christmas is one that I was hoping would be magical for you now that you’re starting to understand the meaning of Christmas and embracing the Christmas spirit. We are spending the holidays at home this year, we were hoping for a white Christmas but it looks like that isn’t going to eventuate so we may have to do a trip to the snow machine in Grapevine if you’re feeling up to it. Your list to Santa was considerably longer than those of previous years, you make me laugh with your enthusiasm, it took you all of 3 mins to write your list, with some items that left me a little puzzled but I’m sure Santa will work it out!

Nick our elf has been busy sending you and Tatey notes with suggestions on activities and spreading the Holiday cheer… Every now and then I ask you if you have any messages for Nick to give to Santa… the only messages you have told him are misdemeanors that Tate may have committed that day.

You and I went to see the Nutcracker this year… this is our third year of the Nutcracker although last year you were in the production. I bought us box tickets and you weren’t very impressed when we got there but once the show started and you worked out where the stage was and you could see fine you were happy. You really enjoyed the first act and came home and put on your own version of the nutcracker II. I love to watch your dance and theatrics.

You have been asking me lots of math sums lately as a game… I love when you tell me good job when I answer even though you don’t know if I got it right or not! There was an instance where you asked me an easy one and told me I was wrong… 3+7 apparently does not equal 10, 5+5 equals ten… I then explained that there is more than one way to make 10 you counted on your fingers and then promptly put them in your mouth and sucked them. You really don’t like being wrong… don’t know where you get that from? If 10 is the destination then remember there are numerous ways to get there!

You have been dreaming of going ice skating for the last month or two partly I’m sure due to Frozen and partly due to watching some people ice skating in Houston. We took you and Tate for my birthday, luckily they had the walkers as Daddy and I aren’t the most proficient skaters having only ever done it ourselves once or twice. You were so excited and nervous… we stood by the entrance while you tried to will yourself to take that first step on the ice. You would lift your foot and go to put it on the ice then pull it back saying I can’t… we walked away a few times but you kept wanting to try again… on about the third go 9and 20 mins later) we made it onto the ice, you managed to hold it together for the first 10 metres then you had a panic attack and wanted to get off the ice unfortunately there wasn’t an exit until the other side of the rink, you cried how scared you were the whole way across the rink. We got to the exit and sat down while you took some deep breaths and calmed down a little. We watched Daddy and Tatey for a bit and I asked you if you wanted to walk back to our bags or if you wanted to try to finish our lap of the rink… to my surprise you chose to try to skate the rest of the lap…. So we got back on the ice and you started crying again but we made it the whole way. I was so very proud of you for trying even though you were so very afraid… we sat down while daddy and Tate finished up a lap and then you decided you wanted to try again… back onto the ice we go and again your fear got the better of you… we made it half way around and you decided that you didn’t want to finish the second lap. And that was our first experience ice skating…. I was very surprised and proud to hear that you told Daddy that you want to go again. You are so brave big girl! Remember Monkey, as Nelson Mandela said:

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

To my courageous girl who makes me smile every single day,  I hope you have the most magical Christmas!

Love you to the moon and back Monkey xoxoxox

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CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – Xmas lights done!IMG_7561

Monday – Took Andi to the Nutcracker… this is her putting on the nutcracker IIIMG_7568Tuesday – Christmas bokehIMG_7576Tuesday – Woke up to thick thick fog… took Mr to the lake after speech… he had lots of fun throwing rocks into the lake… IMG_7711 Wednesday – Mr moved his chair so he could sit in the sunlight… I thought I’d have a play with OOFIMG_7774Thursday – My birthday! and though why not a birthday selfie with my little man.IMG_7825Friday – Birthday night out with my wonderful hubbyIMG_1290

Saturday – playing with my new extension tubes… going to take a bit of practice!IMG_7852

CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – Trimming the treeIMG_6873

Monday – playing carsIMG_6881 Tuesday – Pulling each other around in the laundry basketIMG_6890

Wednesday – wine!IMG_6900

Thursday – the weather was better and we got to make the most of the fallen leaves with some leaf fightsIMG_6991 IMG_7070 IMG_7074

Friday – Just one more IMG_7100

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CM The Lovely Everyday

Sunday – First snow for the seasonIMG_6003

Monday – Snowflake bokehIMG_6012

Tuesday – Kids got some new toy bugsIMG_6024

Wednesday – Mr spent most of his day wiping his nose 😦IMG_6042

Thursday – Missy doing her drawings after school which seem to be a daily occurrence IMG_6115

Friday -Jumping over planesIMG_6142

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