Letters to our Daughters – July

Dearest Andi,

We have had lots of fun and been very busy over the summer so far… perhaps in hindsight I shouldn’t have arranged quite so many activities as you are now at the point where you just want to stay at home and play but between speech for Tate, music and swimming lessons for both you we are out for the morning most days. We also struggled with a tummy bug this month and I have to say I will apologize now for my lack of nursing skills. We have been very fortunate that you have never had any major illnesses and I can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart not being able to make it all better on the rare occasion that you have been ill.

You were very excited to be turning 4.5 this weekend… although I was beginning to regret actually telling you after you started putting in requests for what you would like for your present. We managed on a compromise in that you could do some jobs around the house to earn some money so you could buy the item you wanted for yourself. You are very excited every time you complete a task and I give you a $1… you always want to count how many you have now and how many more you need to reach your goal.

I am very proud of how well you have been playing with Tate over the summer… don’t get me wrong you still have your squabbles but there are days where you will play happily together with each other for a good length of time as long as Daddy and I stay away. You like to play with the Octonauts, super heros and you even have let Tate play with you in your room with your dollhouse and other treasures.  You love to collect all things and I see the need for rationalizing some of your collections soon however I am struggling with asking you to give up items whether they be rocks, party favors or drawings that you have done as you hold all these things so dear to you. I might also have to consider setting a better example…

You have been big on playing baddies and goodies lately as you navigate morality… I love being a fly on the wall during these games and watching as your body language and demeanor changes depending on the role you are playing. Your world is so very black and white… as you grow you will realize there are multiple shades of grey in this life.

To my strong and sweet girl who sleeps with her rock collection, starts all her sentences with “guess what”, twirls her hair and who believes she has two eyes so she can watch tv and the ipad at the same time, I love you to the moon and back. xoxo Mummy IMG_7709IMG_7762IMG_7643IMG_7746IMG_7728IMG_7817IMG_7705IMG_7656IMG_7712Please continue on the circle to read Jana O’Flaherty of Photography 2204  Letter to her beautiful daughter http://www.photography2204.com/letters-to-our-daughters-july/


Letters to our Daughters – June 2014

Dearest Andi,

Summer is here! You finished up your first year of preschool at the end of May. You have been a little lost without the routine of getting up and going to school in the mornings but you’re getting use to the idea, although not taking advantage of the opportunity to sleep in much to my dismay! You have been missing your friends from school and occasionally ask to see a video of them that I have on my phone… I feel bad that I didn’t make plans to catch up with them more often when I see your face light up when you you watch it. There is however a birthday party in the coming weeks which I know you’ll be beside yourself with excitement at catching up with them again. You adore being around people!

I was reading through some of my previous letters and already I can see how much you’ve grown since January, you no longer talk incessantly, I often see you in thought, which is a new thing, I must say although the quiet is nice I do miss knowing every little thought that enters your head. I know as you grow older what you share with me will become less and less but remember I’m always here for you.

You are taking swimming lessons and music classes over the Summer which you are loving, particularly the swimming. Your teachers name is Miss Kelsey and you absolutely adore her. You have been working on your “ice cream scoops” and floating on your back, which you seem to find incredibly difficult to trust yourself… you can do it when someone holds their arms below you but the second they take them away (even when they aren’t supporting you) you turn over. I know it’s sometimes hard to trust in yourself but you really can!

We have had a bit of an issue with monsters at night lately, apparently there is a monster that comes to your room only at night. You described him in great detail; he is big black and furry with two sharp teeth and he tries to eat your blood. I asked you what we could do to stop him coming and as I suspected all of my suggestions were met with a “that won’t work”, not even monster spray which apparently he eats… it had to be something that you came up with that would work in your mind, you decided that if we put a sign up high, because the monster can’t climb walls, he wouldn’t be able to get in your room. So we set about making a sign I got to do the writing (under your direction) “NO GO AWAY, MUMMY AND DADDY PROTECT US HERE”  and you colored and drew a picture of a good monster who can come to life to scare off the bad monster. Daddy also bought a new monitor for your room so if you needed us you can call out and when he went to put it in your room you said that you were too big for a monitor but he could leave it just in case. So we have our sign up high outside your bedroom and you have not had any visits from the monster since, or none that I am aware of. I wish I could promise that I could always protect you from the scary things in this world, but what I can promise is to do my best.

To my darling girl who loves princesses, whose new favorite phrase is “long term memory” and eats tomato sauce on anything she can I love you to the moon and back.

Love Mummy xoxox

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Letters to our daughters – April 2014


Dearest Andi,

Yay! Spring is finally here! Our first spring in Dallas and your first real spring having spent your first 3 yrs in Hawaii. We have been spending a lot of time outside walking around the garden checking on our plants and what new wildflowers have popped up overnight, sometimes you’ll take my hand and lead me around…. I’ll cherish these fleeting moments. I love to see you notice the tiniest of flowers and changes happening around you. Sometimes we sit outside watching the clouds and see what shapes we can see as they drift sometimes slowly and sometimes swiftly across the sky but always moving and changing much like you.

I am so proud of you! This month you decided to try riding your bike down the driveway, you have been too afraid to even try for the last six months saying maybe when I turn 5 I’ll be big enough. I’m not sure what happened in your mind that made you decide that you could do it but you should remember to listen to that voice…. you are braver than you know, smarter than you think and there are no limits to what you can do! Your serious little face as you rolled down the hill putting on the brakes every yard was such a big moment for you and then as you neared the gate you couldn’t keep the smile off your face, you were so very proud and promptly returned to the top of the drive to practice again.

We have made a few trips to our favorite shop lately…. Hobby Lobby! You have a love of buttons… we bought a packet of 100 buttons and within an hour you had used them all to create a  wonderful piece of button art. Crafts are big in the house at the moment.

This month you got to watch the movie Frozen… We have had lots pretending to be queen and princesses and even Sven the reindeer! I bought the soundtrack for you and Tate and should have seen your face when I put it on in the car your little jaw dropped in excitement, I think it was the first time I’ve ever seen you speechless! I love to watch you playing prince and princesses with Tate, you guys have been getting dressed up in capes and crowns and dancing around… so cute! I hope you two continue to grow closer and closer.

To my little princess who eats tomato paste from the can like it’s cake batter, is afraid of bugs, who plants strawberries for the squirrels, I love you to the moon and back xoxoxo.

Mummy xoxo









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Letters to our daughters – January 2014

Dear Andi,

Firstly Happy 4th Birthday big girl! (to which you would reply “thanks big mum”)

I’m still in shock that you’re 4 YEARS OLD already… feels like not so long ago that I was gazing in awe at you in the hospital after your reluctant entrance into the world and you initiating me into motherhood by pooping all over me, from that instant I loved you. Each and every day you grow and change and every day I undergo growth and change along with you. I never know what the day is going to bring, what funny things you’ll say or do, what questions you’ll ask… These are not “if’s” this is one constant… there will be something that you do to make me laugh and there will most certainly be a lot of questions!

Over the last year you have grown so independent, sometimes I forget that you can do something by yourself but you are always quick to remind me, usually accompanied by a disapproving look (a look I’m sure Nanna would be proud of). I love to watch you tackling a new task, your concentration, your sheer will, your stubbornness and then the pride exuding as you complete the task with a loud “I did it all by myself” while doing a little happy dance.

You have been so excited for your birthday all you asked for was a big girl crockery and cutlery set, rainbow birthday cake and to get your nails painted (something you have been wanting for over 6months). You were so apprehensive at the nail salon you went all quiet and serious watching every little move the technician was making… you picked a sparkly purple, and were very giddy by the end.We had a wonderful time celebrating at home with your favorite meal (mac and cheese) decorations, decorations and more decorations, and a cake with nearly a 50/50 split of cake to frosting (your favorite part)! I think the next day you told everyone you saw that you were big now because you were 4.

My beautiful girl who believes sticky tape fixes everything, fairies visit at night, poop is the funniest word in the world and who wants to be a superhero when she grows up, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Love you to the moon and back Monkey