4 on 4 – May

This month I’m joining a wonderful group of photographers from Clickin Moms in a blog circle in which we choose 4 of our favourite photos from the previous month to be posted on the 4th! Continue around the circle to see some wonderful pictures by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


I made missy humour me and play “nature girl” so I could get a photo for Earth day, It was super cold out that day so she gave me 5 mins


Bianca de Vries Photography

There was a time when he did not like swings at all… now he loves it

Bianca de Vries Photography

We went to take some photos in a field of wild flowers only to discover they had been mown 😦 She found this lonely little flower and decided that she shouldn’t pick it so it has a chance to seed and grow more flowers next year ❤


Mr completing his music homework in pretty morning light

Continue on the circle to see some of Jo’s favourites this month at Jo Davis Photography



As a part of the clickin moms challenges I have sporadically participated in the P52 Exercises which a tutorial and task are set… I am hoping to update this post every week going forward. 🙂

Red, White and Blue


The Mulligan


Slow Down – This weeks challenge was to shoot with a long shutter speed to create movement. I had planned a pretty twirling dress but someone wasn’t in the mood so we got some garage dancing 😉


Photographers Choice – this is not the photo that I choose to share on CM as I shared one of the photos from my Letters to our daughters which I have already posted here so in the interest of posting a different picture I decided to have a little fun with some photoshopped fairy dust.


Low KeyIMG_13811color or bw1

High KeyIMG_06421

ContrastIMG_9961fbSide lightIMG_6204_edited-1